RAVIERO PROJECT was born after a very long collaboration started more than 20 years ago with the best Professionals in the Architectural Scene, a collaboration that is still lasting up today to be able to follow up the Client both in the Project aspect together-with the finishing of the Final and most personal Result of a Project.

RAVIERO PROJECT thanks to the precious interacting with the best Architects and Designers worldwide is able to ensure a clear level of Excellence to its Projects and a very customized assistance to the most demanding Clientèle.

Our main goal is the personal satisfaction of our Client trying to give the best technical suggestion and supporting the personal touch every Client has in the respect of the culture and the habits of the different countries worldwide.

This international Know How comes from 20 years of direct experience in many different countries and also very different cultures working from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, from Italy to Libya, from France to South America, from China to Canada. A unique personal experience that is still today a very important key-factor to the developing of new business relationships.

The Company offers a Great Variety of Services in the following fields putting together the Project and realization of itself:

PROJECTS OF: Commercial Building / Homes / Offices / Public Spaces / Garden and swimming-pools / Hotels and Shops
INTERIORS OF: Homes / Offices / Restaurants / Banks / Shops / Public Spaces