RAVIERO GREEN POWER was born to be an important Figure of the Green Energy Market with the determination of putting together the business aspect with the most Ethic one.

RAVIERO GREEN POWER works in the renewable energies field as a System Integrator as well as Direct Investor in our own plants. In fact RAVIERO GREEN POWER is incorporated by combining financial, technical and industrial skills in order to become a dynamic Company in the renewable energy field.

RAVIERO GREEN POWER has the main purpose to continue to invest in the Green Economy Market in Italy and abroad, exporting its own business model in those countries which support renewable energies developments.

Thanks to the flexibility of its structure, RAVIERO GREEN POWER is able to face the dynamic market of renewable energies quickly adapting itself to the new Trends in order to get the winning opportunities and to offer always the first quality services.

RAVIERO GREEN POWER as the Developer and Toshiba as the Builder are actively collaborating together to the realization of renewable energy plants.

Nowadays RAVIERO GREEN POWER, on behalf of CVA Sole carries out both the technical and administrative assistance activity on owner’s plants, and technical due diligence activity aimed at purchasing of plants already in function.

Thanks to the complementary Technical Skills of our highly professional Staff, we are all you need for realizing a renewable energy power station. We will identify the most suitable technical solutions for a maximum profit, all tailor-made according to the Client request.

We take pride in offering a High Quality Service. That is why we will carefully select top-of-the-range material by visiting our potential suppliers and controlling the quality in person.

We will constantly monitor the work in progress leading to the realization of the power station.

RAVIERO GREEN POWER using a Highly Qualified management team, composed of professionals with extensive work experience in renewable energy firms, has been dedicated along the years the engineering for its own and third plants for a total of 106 MW.

Our technical and engineering assistance as RAVIERO GREEN POWER covers the following tasks:

Initial, Basic and Detailed Design
Structural, mechanical and electric design
Management and compilation of required permissions with grid manager and local energy authorities
Analysis and advisor technical-economic for the purchase of the equipment
Assistance and advisor during the erection of the plant
Assistance in the final verification/testing and acceptance phases
Owner’s engineering